Just FML

I think I’m a sucker. In the figurative sense, too.

There is this guy, he’s been here a couple of times now and not once he was likable. He always had some comment about either my appearance or my working hours (note that I am fairly good looking, and almost everyone is usually surprised that I really posted pictures about myself in the advert, as these second class prostitutes are mostly the uglier ones; whatever. Oh, and I literally work any hours, it’s just that I’m fully booked!), anyway; the way I work is that we preliminarily discuss what the customer wants, or in other words what would they like to be included in the service (like kiss, oral sex without condom, anal are all of extra charge) and also the amount of time they want to spend with me and then I take the money beforehand.

Now believe this guy! He complains about having to take a shower before we have sex. While we are finally at it, he keeps wanting more than what we have discussed, of course not wanting to pay for them. And he is an insufferable man anyway, I really don’t want to see him anymore.

I told Ester, my kind of boss, either not to answer his calls or not to give an appointment to him.

And then what happens?

The intercom rings, and I let the person in, thinking my next customer got here unusually early. But no, this man is standing soon in front of my door, asking me to let him in. You can imagine how stunned I was. First I thought Ester did book him in, despite having promised not to, but still I asked him when his appointment was. He said he did not have one, he just thought that no escort works at 8pm, so he might as well come and have a quickie.

I was alone in the apartment, so obviously letting him in haven’t even crossed my mind, but on the other hand he was standing outside on the corridor, negotiating with me about sex and it is really dangerous, as the neighbours would kick us out of the house had they known what’s going on inside.

He kept begging, promising he would be ready in five minutes, would not even take a shower(!), and when he realised I will not cave he complained about how much he paid for taxi to get here. (Who asked him to come?) He let a chess game in half with some other dude just to come here. (Early in the morning in the middle of playing chess he just decides to surprise a whore? This man is beyond words.)

The intercom started ringing again- this time I knew it will be my 8pm appointment- so I reluctantly gave him 1000 HUF as a restitution for his taxi ride and told him never to come again.


Couple of things to confess

I have so many things to say and so little time to tell.

Did you know these?

  • Sometimes I don’t have time to take a shower between two customers, and I just wipe my underparts with a cleaning wipe.
  • I don’t always change the sheet after every customer.
  • Although I advertise anal sex, I rarely do it; I always find an excuse why can’t do it that particular time, but I promise we’ll do it next time. 😉
  • I think I can very convincingly make anyone believe that I had a really great time with him.
  • And lots of the time I really do enjoy having sex with these guys and I don’t have to pretend at all that I came. Sometimes I think it was so good that I should have paid for this. (I will never, though)
  • I paranoidly think that everyone knows what I am doing for a living. The shopkeeper guy, with whom I always leave a bunch of money when I do minor shoppings; the food delivery guys to whom I always pay in big fonts and I don’t care about the change; the taxi drivers to whom I also give huge tips; the waiters at fancy restaurants who only see a very young girl eating for a  fortune, the receptionists when I get called to spend an hour at a hotel etc…
  • Sometimes a fall in minor love with customers.
  • There’s a trans boy here in the “brothel” or apartment as we call it, anyway, he is a colleague, but I’m dying to have sex with him.
  • I’m looking forward to get called to entertain two men at the same time.
  • I’d also like to be with a girl, just the two of us, but out of some reason, women never call.
  • Oh, and one last thing. I only tell this because I write these things absolutely anonymously. I have a boyfriend, who does not have the slightest clue of what I am doing when I’m not with him.

My french love

Kissing coupleBut there are good stories too!

l got called again to work outside of the apartment. First I didn’t want to go, but Ester said it was not like I had a choice, so yeah. At least I know that she truly is my boss, not a friend kind of girl.

Anyway, she took me to a part of the city which has a bit of a bad reputation, so I expected the worst to happen. It doesn’t really matter to me whether I live or die, so I only wished if I was to die that night, then let it happen quickly. So you can imagine how stunned I was when the night turned out to be more like a fairy tale!

Getting in the building turned out to be a challenge, as houses didn’t have a number in that street -I wonder how the post finds anybody…- and the man I was visiting refused to come down to the door and let me in -later I found out he was a really shy and private person. After lengthy phone calls and 20 minutes late I finally got in. The building was rather ran-down, but the apartment made my jaw drop. It was beautifully designed inside, and although it was a small apartment altogether -a kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom/living room- the designer made the most of it. The whole concept was reminiscent of a castle, only with modern and quality accessories. I loved the kitchen, it had the same shiny white tiles as in the bathroom, golden taps and sinks, really I felt like I was a princess. in a luxury setting. But the bedroom was fascinating. The walls were covered in claret silk wallpaper, heavy curtains stopped the night lights from coming in and my man showed me the tall baldachin bed where he made the most sensual love to me that I have ever had. Oh my lord, It must have been a dream.

From the moment he saw me I felt that he is amazed and surprised; he covered my whole body in kisses and from the way he looked at me from time to time my heart wanted to jump out. We talked very little, because his english was not very good -he is french, and was here visiting a potential french client-, but I don’t know, as if our bodies were speaking a secret unknown language. He touched and felt me in a way nobody did before and I just totally lost track of everything. Of time, of work and for a long time it felt like it was paradise where I am with my other half who had always been missing. He was perfect, he moved in me so attentively and skillfully and I could love him as if I had known him forever. I spent the whole night with him and we only got some sleep when the sun came up. It’s such a cliché, but I think I might be in love.

We exchanged telephone numbers, which is strictly forbidden, and I don’t want to know what Ester would do if she found out, but I just can’t risk losing him.

We ate breakfast in that wonderful kitchen. He had some yoghurt and fruit in his fridge -yeah, typical bachelor; I would have loved to make him a bit of scrambled eggs-, we had an intimate morning and I very reluctantly said goodbye to him.

Of course, I knew it was a dangerous job…

There are animals in this society, I learned that in the hard way a couple of days ago, that’s why the lag.

Ester took Petra, Val and me to a party, but it was already at 4 in the morning so I should have expected everyone there to be drunk as fuck. But I didn’t, I am a naïve little idiot, I am an idiot even for starting this whole madness, but that doesn’t matter now, I want to write this down so I’ll just calm down for now.

All right, so we got there, there were three men in that apartment waiting for the three of us and the one who looked the most off-base pointed roughly at my direction and said “That one is mine”. So I was his apparently. Val and Petra found their pairs and the four of them went into the living room, while my man started seducing me in the hallway. He reeked of alcohol and cigarettes and despite being blind drunk he touched my whole body in a manner of an octopus.

I’m not kidding, he was so smelly there was no way I could imagine to touch him without at least washing his penis so I suggestively proposed to continue our mating dance in the direction of a sink. He happily hustled me into the bathroom and once we were inside he basically tore my clothes off, unaware of his drunken strength he cupped my breasts with such force that I couldn’t help but give a cry. It made the wrong effect for he really got excited about this cast where he was the rapist and I was the young girl, half his size. But I was on the job, and believe it or not, I still didn’t expect anything bad to happen, so I started unbuttoning his jeans. Then he roughly pushed me to the ground so that I kneeled in front of him and forced his penis down my throat. It was so unexpected, and really with such force that my tears started to flow and I struggled breathing. But when I finally could take a breath it was little relief as his penis had the stench of days of unwashed urine and probably junk too. I was sure I was going to be sick either because of the stench or due to his penis repetitively going down my throat, so with one quick move I stood up and turned my back to him with the intention of leading his cock inside me from the back so as not to face his drunk face. Instead he started fingering me and he licked my earlobe into his mouth. It sickens me when someone licks my earlobe, but he also somehow managed to bite the earring out of its hole and spat it on the bathroom tiles. I got that from my ex and I loved that earing. Never mind, he was still fingering me, harder and harder and not as a normal person would do, because he bended his fingers and soon it started hurting a lot. He was scratching me from the inside! Gathering all my strength I peeled her hands off of me and went quickly to the sink to clean myself of the fluid I felt on my tights; I thought I wet myself. But no, that was blood. On my legs, my palms and there was some on my neck too, I saw myself in the mirror. I started shouting and tried to push him off of me as I approached the door. I thought I wasn’t gonna make it, I really thought that was the room I would meet my end, but of course I just panicked and reaching the door was fairly easy. Once I was on the corridor I put on my clothes and ran into the living room where bot of my colleagues was sucking the dicks of their men on the couch. I shouted at them, addressing the two men to take care of their friend and don’t let him near me until my taxi comes to pick me up. I called Ester to come immediately. Fortunately she was right outside the building sleeping in her car, so she told me I should just go out of the apartment right away. A fairly sober guy from the living room tried to convince me to stay, but when I told her the blood he can see on my neck and my chest was mine and I also showed him my tights, he looked really apologetic and I think he was genuinely sorry for me. Before I went out on the door he pushed a cramped 20.000 note in my hand.

Ester put me in the car and she looked really concerned. She brought something in a 0-24 pharmacy, some disinfectant I guess, and took all three of us home, and told me that Dav, his boyfriend, will take care of that guy.

Yeah, I’m sure he will.

Who’s your daddy?

beautiful young girl posing on a white bedI wanted to write one post every day, but there is a lot going on here, and by the end of my shift I’ll forget the details, I’m afraid.

After lunch I had a phone call, I mean Ester had it, she is the one who organises my visits. So she said she recognised this man’s voice and I was in for a memorable session! It seems he likes this brothel, and when a new girl comes -that would be me- he practically rushes to have a closer look. The other girls were giggling and they were sure the man would tell me it was his birthday today, and so he did, really!

He spoke in a treacle way and brought me a box of Raffaello, he said though it was his birthday he brought me a present in exchange for letting him do to me whatever he wanted. He didn’t hurt me fortunately -because that’s what I was expecting-, but the things he said will always stay with me.

He almost immediately went down on me, spending ages between my legs which was nice and relaxing on one hand, but as he was eating me out slowly I felt his saliva trickling down on my anus into a damp pool on the bedsheet. All I could see with my inner eyes was this saliva pond on the bed and the thought made me shiver. I’m going to have to sleep on this bed, for god’s sake. Anyway he thought he was so good that it gave me goosebumps and it encouraged him to be even more intimate with me.

He felt the need to tell me his thoughts, I think it turned him on to hear his own voice. He said I was his little princess, his little innocent virgin darling, like his daughters. He asked me if he could call me Andika, that is his older daughter’s name and when I said sure, a little kiss or a lick on my noony followed every of his words. “You” “are” “a little” “treasure,” “Andika.” “Don’t” “worry” “it” “won’t” “hurt,” “daddy” “loves” “you,” “daddy” will be” “very gentle…”

And he was indeed. He inserted his penis as I really was a virgin, he was stroking my hair throughout and asked me to say “my daddy”. I said and he came immediately. I can only hope that he frequents young prostitutes in order not to act upon his desires at home. Oh my god.


Just don’t

Today I tried something new on a kunde. When I was a child my cousin told me she saw something funny in a porn movie: the girl was holding the guy’s penis between her two open palms and she was rolling it quickly as you would want to roll a piece of play dough into a long worm. We were oversexualized children, we always watched porn and were regularly playing with each other’s private parts. It’s perv, I know, I don’t know why we did that. So long story short, something triggered this memory to come to surface and in the heat of the moment I did this movement on one of my guests today. Well, I shouldn’t have, he didn’t like it one bit. He gave me a face of disbelief and said he was disrupted so he left without paying.

Day 1

Yesterday was my first real workday, or night to be precise. I was sceptical and even told Ester that I don’t really expect anybody to actually like my profile and pay for spending an hour with me, as although I am almost 20, my body is of an underfed 16’s. I have skinny legs, almost no bum and even less breast. I always imagined that men go to prostitutes to fuck already a woman with really nice large tits and womanly figure. Ester told me not to be stupid, and I would soon see that she was going to have to turn down a lot of calls, because my cunt will be sore of the extensive usage -her words, not mine. Because there are a lot of men out there who fantasize about sleeping with little girl, but fortunately not everybody does, so there definitely would be a market for me, because fucking a girl who is not underage but looks like one is still a better alternative than the possibility of going to jail.

Ester gave me a briefing of what will happen:

  • She manages the phone calls and then tells me the customer’s name, when he arrives and what sorts of things he wants.
  • By the time he arrives I have to be clean, in makeup, hair done, wearing high heels, very sexy clothes, lingerie or even be naked.
  • He calls the intercom, I let him in and wait for him at the door so he doesn’t wander around the storey making the neighbours suspicious (So I have to wait in the door in LINGERIE?!)
  • He comes in, I introduce myself and behave very intimately with him, as if I was his girlfriend and lead him to my room.
  • Then comes the business. We discuss how much time he wants to spend with me, what he wants me to do today, as everything has a different price. Sex in condom, massage, handjob, blowjob in condom are in the basic package, but kissing, blow job without condom, anal and special requests are of extra charge.
  • He pays me beforehand and then I show him the bathroom, give him a towel and ask him to take a shower.
  • While he is in the bathroom I put the money in the money cabinet and tell Ester approximately when the guy is going to leave.
  • Then comes the action. When the kunde returns from the bathroom I seduce him straight away trying to lead the whole time, being confident, smiling, making him believe that there’s no one better than him, and he is my first customer that day even if it’s in the middle of the night.

It was easy in a way to choose this profession because I don’t have many scruples when it comes to sex. And even though I had some rough attempts of getting into the business before I found Ester’s apartment, the one hour that I spent with my first customer felt endless and challenging.

For one thing, I was sweating through the whole session. I know it’s inevitable to discharge some body fluids when you are on top of somebody riding your heart out, but still… From the moment I opened the door? Of course he saw right away how nervous I was. He said it was sexy. I felt on the way to my room how loudly my heart was pounding and I seriously thought he heard it too. My breath was shaky and my face blushed as if I was a virgin.

Not long ago I already asked for some money in exchange of a blowjob, but I think I’m still not used to holding my hand for the notes. Of course my face blushed as he counted my fee.

While he took a shower  I was waiting in my dimly lit room sitting on my bed and a gentle shiver was shaking my whole body constantly. I just couldn’t decide whether I was extremely nervous of what was going to happen or I was actually cold. That was also a possibility as I was only wearing a super mini chequered skirt with a short white t-shirt top that was meant to resemble a school-girl uniform. I felt ridiculous.

But he was all right. He was sympathetic towards my nervousness. I told him he was my first customer and it was a relief that I could say it honestly. It really turned him on and said he will allow me to practice on him how to seduce a customer, but eventually he will fuck me hard. “Well” I thought “I hope so” as I felt that is exactly what I needed then in order not to turn my back to this disgusting brothel. If there’s good sex then I’m happy.

And it really was all right with this guy. He was kind, did me well, he said “well done” in the end which was a bit patronising though and promised he would come back.

Afterwards in the shower I felt as if I was rotten inside, but I didn’t tell this to Ester and the others.